Energy Star Certified

Nebraska Model Home

Heat and Cool for $442 per year.





Go for the Guarantee!  Wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind in knowing what your annual heating/cooling costs would be?  All Heritage Homes come standard with Energy Star Certification through an independent Home Energy Rating firm and a 3 year heating and cooling guarantee.   Some home builders may build an Energy Star home but how many will put it in writing and guarantee it?

Our building system not only guarantees your construction costs, but also gives you the true peace of mind in knowing that you will have low energy costs for the lifetime of your home.

Heat and cool our Nebraska, 1698 SF model home with 9’ high ceilings throughout and a full basement for as little as $442.00 per year- GUARANTEED,
when it is built with an energy efficient heating system and insulated basement.

The heating and cooling costs were calculated using Wayne, Nebraska utility rates and using our Energy Star construction standards.  If you build at a different location, or build a different design, we will calculate your total energy costs using your location’s unit energy costs.


Blower door test equipment set up


Heritage is so confident of our system that we will guarantee the cost for the first three years a homeowner owns the home. Building a home extra tight with energy efficient techniques doesn’t really cost a lot more.  Rather, it’s about managing all the details and engineering energy efficiency into the home.  Foundation walls must be insulated to an R-18, and to achieve these calculated costs, you would want to use a 15.5 SEER electrical heat pump with a gas backup.  Insulated ductwork is not required.

Equipment used to gauge pressure for energy efficiency

The electric rate used for these calculations was 8 ½¢ per KWH and the gas rate was 90¢ per therm.  In order to calculate the energy cost for your home we would need the proposed address, the size and design of the home, the direction the home faces, and the type of heating and cooling system proposed if different than 15.5 SEER heat pump with gas backup.


Lights, appliances, and big screen TV’s are the biggest users of energy in a typical home ($678) and are expected to cost more than the heating and cooling. Taxes and service charges could be as much as $297 of the total bill, with water heating costs calculated to be $95.00 per year.