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All of our plans can be customized to fit your needs and desires.

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Why Heritage?


Design Flexibility
Features and innovation in design let you create the perfect home plan for your family.
Simplified Process
The delays that occur with site construction (weather, subcontractors and material suppliers) are eliminated with the Heritage Modular Home Building System.
Guaranteed Firm Price
The Heritage System of home building guarantees you a firm price that never changes.
High Quality Construction Standards
We combine the highest quality material with precision jigs and processes while eliminating the damaging effects of weather on your home during construction.
Professional Builders
Who work hard to meet your needs. From the preliminary design stages right on through final move in, your authorized Heritage Home Builder is there to help!
Understanding Your Building Choices


Today there are three main ways to build a new home. As you research your home building options, it is important to understand the choices available and the distinct differences between them.


 8 Easy Steps to Building Your Home


Planning a major investment like a new home requires that you carefully consider four critical factors: design, construction standards, energy efficiency, and value. Heritage Homes, along with our Heritage Builders, has helped over 4,000 families make wise decisions based upon these four considerations.

Construction Specifications


In every Heritage Home you can expect to find the very best home construction specifications. Certain features you choose may change or improve these minimums. We set high standards when selecting the materials and products used in every home.